Game Changing Gear Volume 10

Yes! I have been wanting to play the seven string bass for several years as far back as 2001. That dream became a reality in 2014 when I stubbled on the Bass Mods NT7 on Ebay. Welcome to another volume of “Game Changing Gear”. To be completely honest I have never seen or played the instrument…Read more Game Changing Gear Volume 10


Game Changing Gear Volume 9

Awesome! Finally, a direct box with very useful features. Welcome to another volume of "Game Changing Gear". Originally, the LR Baggs Stadium DI was designed for bass guitar, but I find myself using it for vocals... yep! The great thing about this DI is that it's active and can be powered either by a 9…Read more Game Changing Gear Volume 9

Game Changing Gear Volume 8

Wow! It's crazy how something so light, weighing only 2.9 lbs, could be so powerful at a whopping 350 watts class D power. Welcome to another volume of "Game Changing Gear". The Phil Jones Bass BP400 is the new standard for the working bass player. I remember back in the day I would have a…Read more Game Changing Gear Volume 8

Game Changing Gear Volume 7

Outstanding! Can you imagine a time without looper pedals? It's like trying to remember a time without cellular phones. It's a new era of music creation, fusing live performances with digital recording on the fly.  Welcome to another volume of "Game Changing Gear". The Boomerang III Phrase Sampler is by far one of my most…Read more Game Changing Gear Volume 7

Game Changing Gear Volume 6

Yay! Finally a light weight, full size, 34" scale length bass that fits easily in a electric guitar gig bag. For all my bass player readers that travel on airplanes with your bass, you know exactly how annoying it is when they ask you to gate check your instrument because it's too large. With the…Read more Game Changing Gear Volume 6

Game Changing Gear Volume 5

Incredible! There are some things in life that I categorize as essential, and the Mobile-Catch multi-purpose clamp is certainly one of those things. Welcome to another volume of "Game Changing Gear". I have been using the Mobile-Catch for almost a year now and I am still finding more unique uses for them every day. Some…Read more Game Changing Gear Volume 5

The easy way to record drums and bass!

Welcome to the second episode of “Inside These Walls”.  Please join me on this wonderful journey exploring the beauty of music. Enjoy the video and follow the blog here. Learn how to use Pro Tools in the video below. Enjoy! Episode one below. Enjoy!